Top 10 movies on Sexual Perversions

A tour through our favorite films on human perversions as rapresented by cinema.

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3. Moebius


Another Asian production. The film directed by South-Korean Kim Ki-duk in 2013, is about soul and feelings pain, a story made of visual and emotional wrinkles. Moebius is a hard and challenging work – even for the spectator, who is invested for 90 minutes by emotional cuts that drop on the look.

The film suffered a strong censure at home and the filmmaker had to cut some scenes as considered too violent.

Moebius tells the story of a coward husband and his jealous wife who tries to castrate him without success before turning her anger toward the son. The emasculation of the genital organ is repeated (it happens to the son, a gang boy who raped the lover of his father, the same donor father for the transplant for his son), becoming a symbol of the destruction of male desire and causing nothing but pain. In Moebius, pleasure is always accompanied by violence-  on both the female and male bodies, as much as on the body of the camera itself – in a continuous turn on itself without a way out.

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The film itself is a restless flow of pain – not only for the incestuous reports that have caused so much scandal – but for the continuous masochism of the staging. Although the stylistic log falls into grotesque sometimes, it is a deliberate choice to lighten both the emotional and the physical pain.

Despite being the least successful film of South Korean director, Moebius remains a pivotal piece of Kim Ki-duk’s overall poetic work and ability to represent the abysses of the human soul in a raw way. A constant pointing of the camera eye on the decay of reality in a personal vision, gives to Moebius a unique point of view.

4. The Little Death

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Debut film directed by Josh Lawson in 2015, The Little Death is a sharp comedy about relationships and taboos declined in cruel and perverse terms through the lives of seemingly normal people in Sidney.

In the attempt to reignite the spark, Maeve expresses her dangerous fantasy and her partner Paul (played by the director himself) struggles to make her happy.

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At the suggestion of their therapist, Dan and Evie get into role playing, which Evie has trouble doing, while Dan takes the naughty assignment increasingly very seriously.

Richard and Rowena have been trying methodically to have a baby for the past three years, reducing sex to a scheduled appointment in their agendas. The sudden loss of Richard’s father, however, reveals Rowena’s sexual pleasure in her husband’s suffering, resulting in several attempts to make Richard break down to prompt passion.

Monica, an online video chat operator, makes phone calls for the hearing impaired like Sam, who rings her up in the middle of the night with an unusual and spicy request.

Rather than a comedy on sex, Little Death investigates the mechanism behind sex in the construction of meaningful love and communication.

The burning, and sometimes shocking script draws different stories that explore a series of sexual fetishes and the repercussions that come into being within couples.